About Our Clinic

In hopes to improve the quality of oral health in the community, we have furnished professional services here
in Meguro-Nakanobu area for more than 80 years.

We are providing several distinctive features of dental services based on the solid preventive theory through
clinical experiences at Harvard.

Along with all staff members, we dedicate to the improvement of oral health throughout your entire life.

Please feel free to give us a call with any questions.

【Dr. Hiroshi Ooka】

・Graduated from Keio High School '91
・Tokyo Dental College '97 
 (Chiwaki Award : summa cum laude)
・Harvard School of Dental Medicine '01 
 (Advanced Education in General Dentistry / AEGD)
・Harvard School of Dental Medicine / Public
   Health '02

 (Master of Science / ScM : Preventive Dentistry)
・Clinical Assistant Professor, Tokyo Dental College
 (Prosthodontics : Esthetic Dentistry and Occlusion)
・Active member of the International College of
   Dentists (ICD)
・Member of the American Academy of
   Periodontology (AAP)

Infection control

1. Autoclave / Individual disposal baggage All reusable instruments are heat-sealed with
disposal sterilizing package bags for autoclave
sterilization by heat, steam and pressure.
2. POIC®-Water
(Professional Oral-infection Control:
Aqueous Hypochlorite Solution)

Since POIC®-Water is electrolyzed by only purified
demineralized water and highly pure sodium chloride
(salt) without any chemical additives, it is totally safe
to human.
It is approved to be effective to remove bacteria
and viruses.

All dental devices are sterilized with POIC®-Water
immediately after dental treatment.
It is available to use two different POIC®-Water
dosages in accordance with purpose.

【A】"EPIOS Eco-System"
 (Low dosage of POIC®-Water)
The water spray/mist emitted by dental devices is
instantly sterilized by low dose of POIC®-Water
into whole waterline of our clinic in order to prevent
the infection among patients.

【B】"EPIOS Dr. Plus"
(High dosage of POIC®-Water)
High dose of POIC®-Water is applied to all types of
dental treatment including periodontal surgery,
endodontic treatment, and "Doc's Best Cement"
treatment for sterilizing to the treated area.

Precise Diagnosis
CT/Panoramic X-ray
The computed radiographic examination makes it
possible to precisely examine your oral condition
with minimal radiation exposure.
Cleansability "Functional Esthetic Excellence"
Dr. Ooka believes that esthetics is established by
proper oral function.
From the standpoint of preventive dentistry,
Dr. Ooka is primarily meticulous on the cleansability of
restoration to promote the self-cleansing effect
for the designed restoration.
Maintenance Program

We believe there are two main important factors to
maintain your oral health, such as daily oral self-care
and periodical check-up with professional cleaning.
Dr. Ooka's original systematic principles of oral hygiene
instruction works effectively with the quality of daily 
oral self-care.

It is recommended for understanding your actual
oral condition by the periodical comprehensive oral
examination including radiographic, intra- & extra-
oral examination, and oral cancer screening test.

Professional cleaning followed by the oral
examination will prevent any further possible oral
The interval of dental check-up is advised on every
three months in general.

TMD (Temporo-Mandibular Disorder)

Dr. Ooka acts as the clinical assistant professor at
Tokyo Dental College, and dedicates to teach
especially on restorative dentistry focusing on not
only esthetic dentistry but also occlusal (functional)
problems related to the Temporo-Mandibular
Disorder (TMD).

Dr. Ooka is researched in the unique occlusal
concept focusing on the relationship between the
distortion of both posture (body trunk) and biting

This theory is originally proposed by Professor
Dr. Toru Sato at Tokyo Dental College.
Dr. Ooka had a presentation about this concept at
New York University on 2003 with him.

Cerec (Ceramic reconstruction) System Metal-free treatment
While Metal restoration is concerned to ionization into
saliva, Ceramic restoration is electrically stable. 
It also adheres to natural tooth structure, leading to
prevent the micro leakage of cement.

Quick Scanning

CAD (Computer-Aided Design) device makes us be
possible to avoid Vomiting-reflex due to the conventional
"take-mold" procedure.

Milling machine
Scanned data of prepared tooth is properly designed,
and is immediately transfered to form the shape of
restoration from the ceramic block with milling machine.
It is possible to deliver the finalized ceramic
restoration at the day of treatment in case of small
size of preparation.
Precise Diagnosis
CT/Panoramic X-ray
The computed radiographic examination makes it
possible to precisely examine your oral condition
with minimal radiation exposure.



#303, 2-24-13
Kamiosaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
TEL: 03-6420-0374
   Nanboku-Line & Tokyo-Metro Mita-Line
       3 Minutes walk from "Meguro-Station" 
Yamanote Line (JR)
       1 Minute walk from "JR Meguro-Station"
             (West-side exit)

Tokyu & Tokyo-metro
       1 Minute walk from "Meguro-Station"