Infection control

"Double" sterilizing system in accordance with universal precautions
Infection controls and universal precautions protect you and staffs as well to ensure the quality of dental services in a safe and clean environment.

1. Autoclave / Individual disposal baggageOOKA DENTAL CLINIC
All reusable instruments are heat-sealed with disposal sterilizing package bags for autoclave sterilization by heat, steam and pressure.

2. POIC®-Water (Professional Oral-infection Control: Aqueous Hypochlorite Solution)OOKA DENTAL CLINIC
Since POIC®-Water is electrolyzed by only purified demineralized water and highly pure sodium chloride (salt) without any chemical additives, it is totally safe to human.
It is approved to be effective to remove bacteria and viruses.
All dental devices are sterilized with POIC®-Water immediately after dental treatment.
It is available to use two different POIC®-Water dosages in accordance with purpose.

【A】"EPIOS Eco-System" through whole waterline of clinic (Low dosage of POIC®-Water)
The water spray/mist emitted by dental devices is instantly sterilized by low dose of POIC®-Water into waterline in order to prevent the infection among patients.

【B】"EPIOS Dr. Plus" (High dosage of POIC®-Water)
High dose of POIC®-Water is applied to all types of dental treatment including periodontal surgery, endodontic treatment, and "Doc's Best Cement" treatment for sterilizing to the treated area.